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Please Send Me Your Feedback

What did you think?  I'd be pleased to hear from you and encourage you to provide me with your feedback!  It will help me make the script better and more useful to more people.

Please check out the Known Issues section below before letting me know about an issue you've experienced while using the script.

If you are a helpful person like me, and have made alterations you would like to share, please email me directly.  Attach the compressed (.zip) code to the email and send it to


I cannot promise if/when I'll have time to review and/or implement your code, but I'm always looking for ways to improve!  If I get any contributors, and decide to implement the code, I will start a Contributors page showing their participation (I would only share your First Name and a description your contribution unless granted permission).

Thanks for submitting!

Feedback: Feedback Form

Known Issues

This is a really cool script, but is in no way perfect.  There are some things that don't work quite the way I want them to.  Here's a list of them for you:

  • DataGridView - All CellStyle Properties will save, but get exception when setting on Open.

  • ListView - ListViewItem and ListViewGroup Properties will not save.

  • TreeView - Nodes property will not save.

  • TextBox - AutoCompleteCustomSource Property will not save.

  • Form - Unable to change IsMDIContainer to True and issue Maximizing Window State.

  • Certain property reflectors will show that a value has been changed when it has not. This issue affects the following properties on all controls: UseCompatibleTextRendering, TabIndex, and TabStop. In order for these properties to be saved to form XML they need to be manually changed in the PropertyGrid. After this point, the property value will always be generated in the form XML for that specific control.

  • Images/Icons do not save

I will keep this list updated as I can when I hear of anything else.  Also currently unsupported functionality includes:

  • Previous pre- version save files will not open properly in  If the Items Element is removed from Data it should load properly.

  • Drag/Drop addition of controls - Haven't been able to figure it out yet.

  • Multi-threading - May add in future development

  • Adding Mouse Events to WebBrowser control - more of a Microsoft known issue

Feedback: Text

Version History   6/13/2020
  • Added MIT License   6/20/2020
  • Added DataGridView

  • Corrected issue where able to add controls directly to TabControl instead of TabPage   7/10/2020
  • Added TabPage for TabControl

  • Added Splitterpanels for Splitcontainers

  • Fixed Size property being saved unnecessarily when Dock/Autosize configured

  • Updated UI   12/14/2020
  • Complete UI Overhaul to make more traditional and allow for future feature additions/enhancement

  • Property values being saved in the form XML is now dependent on the property reflector of the PropertyGrid GridItem   12/26/2020
  • Corrected issue after resizing of Form in design to refresh parent Form

  • Fixed issue with Size property on Forms and Textboxes to save correctly

Future Development
  • Working on Known Issues

  • Have child forms save in same project as main form

  • Adding a code view for events and variable declaration

  • More script generation options among other options/preferences

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